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Charles Moffat, Toronto Website Designer / SEO Expert


A veteran website designer who has been designing websites professionally since 1997 when he started working for Geocities was later purchased by Yahoo! Inc. and Charles Moffat left Yahoo! Inc. in December 1999 shortly before the Internet Bubble burst.

Since then Charles has worked for the Ontario government, York University, the Ballet Creole, the Lilith Gallery, Mooredale Concerts and numerous other arts / health oriented websites.

Since 2000 Charles Moffat has also done SEO work for a number of organizations, including real estate agency Royal LePage and BAM (Builder Advertising and Marketing). Moffat is a White Hat SEO specialist and has become a teacher of SEO knowledge.

Moffat is currently learning how to database using PHP/MySQL.

In his private life Charles enjoys portrait painting, photography, writing, archery, boxing, cycling, weightlifting and yoga. Charles enjoys learning languages and traveling overseas. The languages he speaks includes English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish and he is currently studying American Sign Language.

Design Skills & Experience

HTML Hardcoder, since 1996.

Typing Speed: 50 70 WPM.

Programming Languages: HTML, XHTML, Java, Javascript, XML-SGML, Applet.

Programs: Adobe Flash, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Capiche, Windows Movie Maker, IconForge, Omnipage, Stellent, Dreamweaver & WS FTP.


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